Giving Tuesday


OUR GOAL - RAISE $10,000 to Feed 100 Families!

For Just $100 (only $25/quarter!) Your Gift on Giving Tuesday will help to provide one of our Families in Rwanda and Cambodia with 175 KPI program snacks, 200 school lunches, and 360 meals of rice or beans through quarterly food distributions for an ENTIRE YEAR!

$100 = Supports 1 Family of 5+ people for 1 year
Here's the Breakdown:
$20= 175 Weekly program snacks for 1 year!
$30 = 200 School lunches for 1 year!
$50= 360 meals of Rice/Beans through Food distributions

$200 supports 2 Families for an entire YEAR!
$500 supports 5 families for an entire YEAR!
$1000 supports 10 families for an entire YEAR!

Or make a donation of any size!

In the less-resourced villages of Rwanda and Cambodia where KPI works, 95% of our genocide-survivor families have been significantly affected by the pandemic financially.

The social-economic factors such as loss of jobs, price inflation, low farming productivity has severely affected our families' individual incomes and ability to feed their families.

Acute hunger because of food insecurity is a major issue.

This Giving Tuesday Kids Play is asking for your help so our 500 families can recover from the severe food insecurity in the villages they live.

With out FOOD, our youth and our families don't have the FUEL to productively work, study and learn at school or activity engage in our after school sport + gender equity programs.

In this time of immense giving we would be incredibly grateful for your support of just $20,$30, $50 or $100 that helps us provide food and fuel to our 300+ Youth and over 4500 family members.