Sponsor A Player

About Sponsor A Player

When you Sponsor a Player you receive a special and personal way to educate, connect and support not only our YOUTH but also their FAMILIES through community programs that use sport to promote gender equity, education, mental wellness and positive parenting.

$500 will sponsor 1 Youth for 1 Year! ($42/month)
$1,500 will sponsor 3 Youth for 1 Year! ($125/month)

Make a RECURRING MONTHLY DONATION if that is easier for you!

We do also welcome ALL SIZE contributions which will go toward our general Sponsor a Player Fund!

This will still help cover the costs of providing school, medical insurance, food, access to clean water, mental health services, positive parenting sessions and gender equality through sport programming.

When you select the "Recurring Payment Option", this will automatically renew annually unless you email Info@Kidsplayintl.org and request us to STOP renewing.

Thank you!